a few of my favourite things

When my clients become my friends. (Shaikhah and I have been for almost two years now, since we did this shoot. #WHUT – the concept of time still baffles me. And her family just welcomed another little baby.)

Seeing my friends conquer life and motherhood with so much love and courage despite all the challenges (making me think, Ok, maybe I can do this, even though the idea of it alone scares me shitless).

When our attempts to make a toddler laugh succeed.

Pastel chiffon shawls and headbands, even though I really probably can’t carry them off. (And Shaikhah totally killed it, especially with the purple and white ensemble. I iz jealous.)

When I tell myself I would blog, and then I do. (Hope baby Ayeesha’s cutiepiekins smile brightens up your morning, the way it did mine.)

ps. We will soon be having a 48-hour portrait session sale. Email us at pinkelephantlabs@gmail.com with the subject “Put me on your e-mail list, please!” for first dibs on all the lovely info.

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