azmir and nur (and their effortless style)

I meet a lot of couples who tell me that they don’t want to do a pre- or post-wedding shoot because they don’t want to go through The Whole Process, i.e. hours of getting hair and make-up done, hunting for another tux or another dress, and then having to spend an afternoon in outfits they don’t normally wear. Even though getting all dolled up and dressed up in wedding garb can be a lot of fun (as it is a once in a lifetime sort of thing after all), I get that it’s not for everyone.

What I then tell these couples is that they don’t need the make-up or the hair or the dress or the tux if they don’t want them. All you need really is a pop of colour, some blush lipstick and mascara for the lehdies, and maybe some hair gel for the guys. (The ability to let loose and have fun and laugh at yourself is then just a big bonus).

Here’s Azmir and Nur (soon-to-be-weds!) looking abso-frickin-lutely gorgeous in white Jack Purcells, blue and yellow Baby Gs; Azmir’s in Uniqlo (they have Oxfords in really great colours), Nur’s dress if from Asos, her hairband from a Korean pushcart, and her beautiful Gerbera from a florist at Tampines One.

To check out what some of our other couples wore to their sessions, you can have a look at our portfolio.

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