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love, anywhere | part 1

On Monday, 2 pm, I told my two friends that the location for our 4 o’clock shoot had been decided. I had written down ‘car park’, ‘hdb’, ‘roadside/pathway’ and ‘mrt’ on small pieces of paper and drew the first. For props, I wrote ‘chair’, ‘pin wheels’, ‘hula hoops’ and ‘beach balls’ and drew the first….

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azmir and nur (and their effortless style)

I meet a lot of couples who tell me that they don’t want to do a pre- or post-wedding shoot because they don’t want to go through The Whole Process, i.e. hours of getting hair and make-up done, hunting for another tux or another dress, and then having to spend an afternoon in outfits they…

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must. write. now.

Before I forget. And before this recently-developed sore throat annoys me far too much for me to be able to romanticise it. I’m now still thinking of it as the worthwhile consequence of two great weeks of work, almost no sleep and spending time with awesome clients over tea and coffee and dinner. A few…

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