I have a sweet tooth and I love cake. No ifs and buts about it. I can have it with breakfast, lunch and dinner (but don’t because the kopi uncle at my old workplace used to say to me, “Nanti awak diabetes tau,” whenever I asked for extra extra condensed milk in my coffee).

I also love being around hard working, passionate, gutsy people. (Mrs. Fluff, as you know, is a creative genius. And Mr. Fluff, the business wiz behind it all. On top of their talents, they are also upbeat, funny and super down-to-earth.)

So, that we got to be part of the new beginnings of this amazing bakery is such an incredible blessing. The pictures below are from a shoot we did a few weeks ago with the Mr. and Mrs. at their new store at Jalan Pisang. We hope you like them. (I’m still thanking my lucky stars.)

See you at the opening tomorrow, peeps!

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