let’s do this

You know how when so many things happen at one time you feel like just raising your hands and saying OK OK LET’S JUST STOP FOR A MINUTE HERE. But it doesn’t. Because things don’t wait. I recently found out that cats don’t wait for you to have free time to take care of them before they get sick. And they certainly don’t wait for you to pull your carpet away before they puke on it. Admittedly, I can only speak of this lightly now because Sparts is doing much better. Last week I was a worried wreck. I’d never had to look after a sick pet before and I’ve gotta say, I don’t know how you pet owners/animal lovers do it. I was so stressed out. It was like a 7-day long guessing game. Is he hungry? Does he want his toy? Is he in pain? Should I bring him to the vet? Is this his normal behaviour? SPARTS CAN YOU PLEASE SAY SOMETHING OTHER THAN MEOW????!!!

Thankfully, Abdillah was as calm and positive about it as he always is about most things. And I had my girlfriends to tell me it’d be okay (thank you, girls – you know who you are). That really was all I needed. And they were right. Obviously I have to have a little more faith and some inner source of assurance.

So. Today’s goal: To whip out some pen and paper, face everything that needs to get done, and then do them.

To all of you with a goal today, may we soldier on and fight this sleepy weather that isn’t helping and hope that at the end of the day we can all lie down on our couches and eat a big plate/bowl/tub of very fatty very sweet things.

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