love, anywhere | part 1

On Monday, 2 pm, I told my two friends that the location for our 4 o’clock shoot had been decided. I had written down ‘car park’, ‘hdb’, ‘roadside/pathway’ and ‘mrt’ on small pieces of paper and drew the first. For props, I wrote ‘chair’, ‘pin wheels’, ‘hula hoops’ and ‘beach balls’ and drew the first. I was equal parts excited and nervous and I tried for the life of me to remember what the multi-storey car park across the street looked like – I guess like any other car park but I was in a slight panic. I feel like self-doubt somehow always manages to take over after you think you just came up with a pretty good idea and before you actually say to yourself AARRRGGHH IDON’TCARE I’MA┬áDO THIISSSS!!! My first thoughts were This is gonna be great, I’ll be pushing myself and I’ll be able to show clients that we can take pictures pretty much anywhere (these were my intentions behind the project), but that eventually got taken over by WHAT IS AT THE CAR PARK, I’m going to be wasting Nur and Azmir’s time.

I then reminded myself the things that are most important to me during a session: Connecting with the people in front of the camera, capturing them and their lurrvvee (THAT’S RIGHT) and having THIS MUCH (I need a bigger font) fun.

It was crazy (and raining), but totally worth it. And I’m so happy I got to share this with two of my closest friends.

I’m now looking for 3 more couples for parts 2, 3 and 4! If you are

1. engaged/married

2. in love

3. (preferably both 1. and 2.)

4. and adventurous

and are not

5. camera shy

6. averse to getting dirty (i.e. inclined to say yes when asked to sit/lie on the ground. : ))

then please send me an e-mail with a little bit about you and your love and a picture to

You will get a Love, Anywhere session with me (maybe about 2 hours in the Tampines area) and 15 fully edited images in ha-ha-ha-high-res.

Yay! Can’t wait to hear from you guys.

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