must. write. now.

Before I forget. And before this recently-developed sore throat annoys me far too much for me to be able to romanticise it. I’m now still thinking of it as the worthwhile consequence of two great weeks of work, almost no sleep and spending time with awesome clients over tea and coffee and dinner. A few other highlights from this first half of the month: #1 Remember our mini session fundraiser for the Cat Welfare Society? The response was something I was hoping for, but could have never expected. We just made the final sale (one of the clients who booked a session just got a CD of her session images) and everything came up to $973. I don’t know why (maybe because it’s late and I’m just really tired or something), but having just typed that number sort of makes me want to cry a bit. I can’t thank the people who supported this cause enough (there were even people who couldn’t make it for a session but transferred to me their contributions anyway). They’ve all been amazing. Here are pictures from some of the sessions.

(How great does everyone look and HOW ADORABLE IS PHATT THE CAT, seriously.)

#2 My friend Rudi got married. Besides feeling fortunate and happy that I was given the opportunity to photograph such an important event in his life, having aching feet (I’m convinced that my 4-inch wedges give me a better view of things), being full from bee hoon goreng and ayam masak merak (nyums), I was like this : D : D XD XD pretty much the whole two days because his family and friends were just the kind of people that make you smile and laugh a lot. Also, every detail that make up the wedding was absolutely impeccable. It’s just impossible to not pause and take everything in and be wowed (and wish AW MAN WHY DIDN’T MY WEDDING LOOK LIKE THIS).  I will eventually put pictures up, I’m too excited not to. But since it’s an ungodly hour I’ll just leave you with a few of my favourites.

The beautiful bride, Haz.

If you’d like to check out more weddings that we’ve shot, you can visit our portfolio on our website here.

Farhana - September 19, 2012 - 3:12 PM

Hello!! I absolutely love your work for Nur and Azmir’s wedding! Can I enquire how much ure wedding packages are and if you woul be available on the 20th of jan 2013? I’m enquiring on behalf of my brother who is getting married then. :) An email reply would be fantastic!

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