The Hs.

At Sec 3 (I know, as I was thinking about how I was gonna start this post I realised that I talk about my teenage days a lot. I guess it was as formative and eventful as it was hormone-ridden and slightly horrible. (Sorry I gave you hell, Mama!)), probably one of three things I…

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must. write. now.

Before I forget. And before this recently-developed sore throat annoys me far too much for me to be able to romanticise it. I’m now still thinking of it as the worthwhile consequence of two great weeks of work, almost no sleep and spending time with awesome clients over tea and coffee and dinner. A few…

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Farhana - September 19, 2012 - 3:12 PM

Hello!! I absolutely love your work for Nur and Azmir’s wedding! Can I enquire how much ure wedding packages are and if you woul be available on the 20th of jan 2013? I’m enquiring on behalf of my brother who is getting married then. :) An email reply would be fantastic!

sometimes dreams come true

It was either ’98 or ’99. I was (about 15 and) unsure of myself, trying to figure out where I fit in in the world and who I wanted to be. Meanwhile, my best friend was almost the complete opposite. She was self-assured and wise, knew what she wanted out of life, and even that…

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