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grateful for

Consistently sunny days (as opposed to the kind that only LOOKS like it’s keeping a big promise, but is actually hiding a gigantic grey cloud in the corner). The fact that I am fortunate enough to live in a country where there’s really good really clean food pretty much anywhere and whether it’s 4 in…

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operation clean house

Let me just put it out there: Our house is a mess. Even though the living, dining and studio area gets cleaned regularly (because obviously when people come over the ideal situation would be if they didn’t want to immediately walk back out the door), behind every cupboard and under or on top of every…

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indra and sarah

Even though it’s been going on for a while, events like this still floor me — friends and cousins getting married, getting pregnant, having babies. When did we grow up to become wives and mothers, husbands and fathers? Building our own homes and our own families? It’s crazy to me that my cousin is now…

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