The Hs.

At Sec 3 (I know, as I was thinking about how I was gonna start this post I realised that I talk about my teenage days a lot. I guess it was as formative and eventful as it was hormone-ridden and slightly horrible. (Sorry I gave you hell, Mama!)), probably one of three things I looked forward to in school was the reading period. We’d have our copies of Nat Geo and Reader’s Digest out – the former was my favourite – before we did anything else in class for the day.

One time I was in the middle of ooh-ing and aah-ing at a bunch of fish pictures when my teacher walked next to my table and yelled, “INDRIANA FROM JUST NOW YOU FLIP FLIP FLIP FLIP FLIP. It’s reading period you’re supposed to be READING.” (Paisey or what.) So I started looking at pictures outside of school. I’d go to Far East and buy old copies of the magazine and cut out pictures I liked and pasted them in my journals, on my cd wallet, room door, etc. I guess that was when it grew – my love for the fact that Life can be so perfectly caught and beautifully kept.

As soon as I started my first year at the UWC in Canada (I’m gonna call it Pearson from now), I wrote my name down for Photography. This was in 2000, so besides having Art teach us the aesthetic aspects of picture takingĀ (yes, the art teacher’s name was Art. Du’a mak dia terkabul. : D) , the class involved How to Develop Film and Print your Own Black and Whites. So with a camera I got from the Lost and Found box, I took pictures of everyone all the time and spent hours in the dark room and my favourite parts were going for walks with my friends to pick out a good spot to take pictures (our campus was in the woods), seeing a print start to appear on the photo paper in the chemical bath, and getting to give people pictures of themselves.

When I decided to do this for a living, I didn’t know that there’d be so much more to love. I get to see people go through and celebrate big life events and also the small important ones that make up their everyday. I get to help them remember it all. I’m always thankful for this and I tell them all the time what an honour it is, and I do because it’s true.

The pictures below are from my fourth session with Hashim, Hazelin and Hizquiel. I took their pictures when Hizquiel was just born, when he was 6 months and then at about 1 year old. Here he is at a year and a half, a playful boy who loves his toys and his tricycle and his Mom and Dad.


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